Dear All,

Warm greetings to all friends, brothers and sisters.

image Aashaa Bora Foundation is the outcome of working many years among the poor and disadvantaged groups in the North East Region (NER).

In a time, when our country is on the path to glory, destined to become a major economic power of the world with in a decade, there is a stark paradox lying alongside the reality that nearly one third of the population in India are living below the poverty line. The inability of the poor and needy to access quality health care, education and livelihoods is a very painful scenario.

Making the poor a partner, is an initiatives that I strongly believe will go a long way in empowering both individuals and communities. I further believe that sustaining livelihoods will user in peace in the North East Region (NER).

I look forward to your invaluable help and support.

Asha Bora
(Aashaa Bora Foundation)